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Our Story

The Concept

Merasa kembali kenangan lalu. Just as the local saying construes, The Mesh redefines all-day dining with a locally-inspired twist where taste meets memories, fit for a capacity of over 200 persons. Relish Malaysian comfort food just like the locals do as The Mesh centers on native chefs, childhood memoirs and cultural flavours that travel back in time. Amidst a cosy community-styled setting, it also features local craft Nitro Brew as part of the Best BrewsTM program, as well as Grab N Go, a compelling takeaway alternative at the restaurant for to-go coffee, snacks and pastries appropriate for quick meetings and errands.
  • Chef Alan Wong
    Meet The Chef

    Chef Alan Wong

    A man of ideas, evolution and talent, Chef Alan Wong has always left his heart in the kitchen since he was eight. Being raised in a family of food connoisseurs, he attributes most of his culinary expertise to his family and the home he was raised in back in Tapah. He believes a great deal in keeping to traditions, evolving cultural influences, and holding onto childhood nostalgia, given how those underrated traits are what shaped us Malaysians into the unique community that we are.